The Toi Toi® female urinal is now available.

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New Sanitary Module for Mixed Use

Sanitary module Basic Line M/H Flexi - incredibly adaptable

With no fewer than four exterior doors, the Basic Line M/H Flexi sanitary containers are extremely versatile in terms of function and positioning. For maximum privacy, these modules feature two toilet areas, one for women and one for men, each with its own entrance.

The interiors of these 6-meter modules boast an impressive level of functionality and a comparatively spacious layout. The women's area, for example, includes three lockable toilets and an entrance area with sink, soap dispenser, towel dispenser and heater. The men's area includes two separate toilets, two urinals, a sink and a radiator. Thanks to their spatial separation, both areas can be used at the same time.

The intelligent layout, which adapts perfectly to the specific needs of the users, and the high level of flexibility offered by these containers make them the ideal choice for a construction site. All products in the Basic Line range are characterized by their impeccable level of hygiene and their sturdy, easy-to-clean surfaces, as well as their excellent price/performance ratio.

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