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Disinfection of spaces and events


According to the dictionary of the Real Academia de la Lengua: "to disinfect is "to remove from something the infection or the property of causing it, destroying the harmful germs or preventing their development".

Disinfection of spaces and events: During this past May 2021, TOI TOI® has surpassed the figure of 5,000 disinfection services. The activity carried out by the company over the last year, in the midst of the pandemic, has meant a great effort in human and material resources. All this in order to meet the needs of our customers.

At the beginning of the health crisis and in view of the needs of the Occupational Risk Prevention departments of the companies, we began to receive requests from those responsible for ORP to apply disinfection systems to our usual service.

At that time, the frequency of cleaning was increased and gel dispensers were installed. Industry, logistics and construction maintained practically all activity. Their needs presented us with a challenge that would change the way we competed in the market: professionalization in our sanitation application processes.

Protocol for sanitization and disinfection of open and enclosed spaces and portable toilets in the face of COVID-19
We then began a program of profound changes to enable our organization. Entering the Official Register of Biocide Companies and Services, and developing our "Protocol for sanitization and disinfection of open and closed spaces and portable toilets against COVID-19". Audited and certified by Applus. We are the only company in our sector authorized to certify the sanitizations and disinfections we perform.

Today we have reached those 5,000 services. Both preventive, to reduce the risk of infection by COVID19, and shock, once the outbreak has originated. We apply our Zydal Program as a specific protocol to guarantee our health services. This program is developed in four phases: application of the virucidal treatment, identification, traceability and certification.

Construction sites, offices, logistics centers, clinics, non-profit organizations, city councils, event organizers, festivals and even couples getting married have trusted our services to guarantee the healthiness of their center, facilities, concerts or an important day. To all of them, thank you very much.

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