The Toi Toi® female urinal is now available.

Portable toilets for events

Sanitary products for events

The portable toilets for events are ideal products to obtain when an event of small and large magnitudes is held, since the act will be much more sanitized and customers will appreciate it.

Within our wide range of WC sanitary systems, this year we have incorporated specific products to meet the new needs of sanitary areas in events. TOI® Care, unique in Europe, was born from the need to guarantee an agile hand sanitization, in front of a massive public access, in a versatile and autonomous way, guaranteeing the solution and fluidity in its use, in festivals, concerts or accesses to big surfaces with a high flow of people in transit.

TOI® Care is incorporated to our TOI TOI® and POLYKLYN® lines of portable toilets for events, both in sanitary WC areas for events, as well as in the provision of WC equipment implemented in the industry.

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